On Consignment:

Do you have antiques or collectibles that no longer serve a purpose in your home? Our Market is always looking for quality pieces to add to our resale inventory. Why not let us take care of the sale? There may be someone looking for exactly that which now collects dust in your basement, or storage unit. Make someone happy and earn some cash in the process. For Consignors/Sellers, please call and make an appointment first.  Appointments will be mainly held on Tuesdays. Below are some examples of our "consignment " stock.

Human Yoke

This is an Antique Human Yoke in excellent condition. Yoke was worn on the shoulders to carry pales of water or maple syrup. Head goes through the centre and rests on the shoulders. This Human Yoke has leather straps and measures approx. 44” long x 10” wide. This Yoke dates back to the early 1800’s. A must see piece!